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200W -100kW wind power generation Vertical Axis & Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Wind Energy Powery Systems

Short Description:

High-quality alloy steel body, using high-quality FRP blades, enhanced anti-corrosion performance, both beautiful and durable

Low start-up wind speed, beautiful appearance and low vibration during operation

High-power tracking intelligent microprocessor control is adopted to effectively adjust the current and voltage

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Wind Generator Features:
1. Rare earth permanent-magnet generator
2. Small vibration and tiny friction, stable rotation in higher speed
3. Streamlined wind turbine body and blade outline design
4. Blades have 2 kinds, 300w-1kw for high-rigidity FRP materials and blades are dynamic-balanced
5. Noise level below 55dB around the wind turbine tower
6. State of the art, workmanship and beautiful appearance
7. Use magnetic saturation technology, with 20years designed life;
8. Select high quality bearing, free to maintenance;
9. Anti-twist device, generator can whirl in each direction
10. Anti strong wind, the blade protect itself automatically,
11. Applications for Household, Farm, Marine, Boat,Street Lights, Home, Opening Plaza lighting etc.
11. Supply matched controller/inverter(optional), make solar and wind energy system more stable.
12. At night or on rainy day, wind turbine generate wind power. On sunny day, solar panel generate solar power. On windy and sunny days, both solar and win


place of origin: China                                          Use: Home,Farm,Island
Solar panel type: Monocrystalline Silicon                                          Type of battery: Lithium Ion
Controller type: Pwm, Mppt                                          Installation method: Roof Mounting, Ground Mounting
wind turbine type: horizontal                                          Input voltage: 24v
output voltage: 220v                                          Wind turbine rated power: 200W-100kw


Horizontal/Parameter Tale
Rated Power 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Maximum Power 1050W 2100W 3200W 4200W 5300W 6500W
Blade Length 1.25m 1.4m 1.55m 1.68m 1.8m 1.95m
Wheel Diameter 2.58m 2.85m 3.3m 3.5m 3.65m 4.0m
Start-up Wind Speed 3.0m/s 3.0m/s 3.0m/s 3.0m/s 4.0m/s 4.0m/s
Rated Wind Speed 15m/s 17m/s 17m/s 18m/s 18m/s 20m/s
Rated VoLtage  24V/48V 24V/48V/96V 48V/96V 48V/96V 48V/96V/110V 48V/96V/120V
Survival Wind Speed 50m/s 50m/s 50m/s 50m/s         50m/s 50m/s
Number Of Blades 3
Blades Material Glass Fiber
Generator Type Three Phase Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous Generator
Magnet Material NdFeB
Control System Electromagnet
Working Temperature 40℃~80℃
Design Life 20 Years



详情页1A wind turbine is a device that converts the wind's kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Wind was shown to have the "lowest relative greenhouse gas emissions, the least water consumption demands and... the most favourable social impacts" compared to photovoltaic, hydro, geothermal, coal and gas. So the application of wind turbines is more and more widely.
Our 500W Wind Turbine Generator TY-wind turbine is durable, low maintenance and the most powerful wind turbine in our line up of wind turbine having weighing at only 35 lbs.
The included Digital MPPT Charge Controller of the 500W wind turbine is specially configured to generate the MAX power output and to incorporate its safety protocols such as automatic braking and over charging the batteries. Coated with special high weather tolerant protection spray to protect the wind turbine from the elements such as rain.It is a completely self-sustaining stand-alone device that will continuously generates 100% clean GREEN renewable energy, without being present or around it.

Q1: What are your main products?
A1: We're leading manufacture of solar systems, solar panels, inverters, controllers, batteries and mounting systems and all related solar accessories.
Q2: Can you print our company logo on the nameplate and packaging?
A2: Yes, we can do it according to your design.
Q3: Can you support OEM and field installation?
A3: Yes, as a professional solar system manufacturer, we can provide customers with OEM and on-site installation, full support and assistance services.
Q4: How does your factory conduct quality control?
A4: Quality first. We have a professional QC team to strictly control the quality. Only when the quality meets the requirements, it will be packaged out of the factory.
Q5: What are your strengths in solar systems?
A5: Fully automatic production line using international advanced production equipment such as Japan and Germany. The price and quality are very competitive, and we have cooperated with well-known brands such as Jinko, JA, TRW, etc., and can provide large-brand solar energy series products.
Q6: Can I get one for sample?
A6: Yes,we accept sample order or trail order for testing.

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